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Touring the south of Italy by boat

One can make a comparison on the boat trip for a cabin in a Ferry or a family rental on a catamaran for this trip to the south of Italy. One lodges then on the Ionian Sea, for that, one can leave Greece in Italy.

The halo sides of white sand beaches

We particularly recommend boat rentals on the Maddalena island in northern Sardinia. Take the departure from Cagliari to the south and especially if you want to cross to Sicily, it's the best. From the charming ports of Milazzo and Portorosa, boaters can visit the Lipari Islands, sometimes called "Aeolian Islands." The main island of the archipelago will offer you the spectacular vision of its acropolis and the beautiful cathedral of the archdiocese of Messina-Lipari-Santa Lucia del Mela. But Italy is also the fact of boat rental sicily with flamboyant landscapes dominated by the highest volcano in Europe: Etna culminating. Its capital, Palermo, is a compendium of architectural treasures such as its Cathedral, the cloister of Monreale, the Palace of Normans and his opera Teatro Massimo, the third largest in Europe.

Bordered by the Adriatic

Another must stop, the city of Naples is also no question about tourist assets of renown. Its beautiful bay will offer you many possibilities of a stopover with the islands of Capri and Ischia, and you can also push your hiring of a boat to the Pontine Islands, an archipelago of islands of volcanic origin located at 30 kms off from the Italian peninsula. Venice, its flagship destination, remains a hotbed of romance and boat rides. There are, of course, its emblematic places like St. Mark's Square and its Basilica, but we must not forget that many islands in its lagoon are really worth seeing.

A little further south, the seaside resort of Rimini is also a dream stopover. The city is perfect for families and tourists who enjoy swimming, festive atmospheres and amusement parks.

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