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Worldwide boat rentals with Samboat

If you want to enjoy the landscapes, you can travel by train, car, etc. But if you want to admire the seascapes, you only have to take a boat. Moreover, many people opt for this alternative. Certainly, longer but never boring, a boat trip can spend pleasant moments and moments with family, friends, couples or solo. One can choose Samboat to rent a boat whatever the destination in the whole world.

Who is Samboat?

Samboat is the name given to a web platform where you can rent a boat wherever you are. This site is active since March 2014. Samboat is also a startup that often raises funds for various purposes. In 2017, the site offered more than 10,000 boats on the web. That same year, the platform became the leader in its field. The boat rental on the site is particularly between individuals. The operation is based on the collaborative consumption model. We can easily communicate with various boat owners around the world, especially in Europe on this platform. If you want a boat rental amalfi, you can find boat rentals in this Italian city on the site. The latter also offers a multi-risk insurance via a partnership with MAIF.

What kind of boats rented on Samboat?

For a boat rental amalfi on the site Samboat, we have the choice between several kinds of boats. There are the most luxurious yachts and the simplest that allow to spend holidays at sea. We have the choice between motor boats, RIBs, catamarans, sailboats, barges and many others again. Each traveler chooses his boat based on the number of passengers he wants to bring with him, the type of activities he wants to do on the high seas, where he wants to visit, his budget and many more settings. In general, on the site Samboat, one can directly speak with the owners.

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